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Level 1 Paint polishing

Bring The Showroom Shine To Your Driveway in Atlanta

Our expert paint polishing service removes 60-80% of imperfections in your paint, giving it a smooth, glossy finish. Our experienced technicians use advanced techniques and the best products to restore the shine to your vehicle, so it looks like it just rolled out of the showroom.

Level 1 Polish
Level 1 Polish


2 Seater / Sedan / Single Cab

$350 - $500


Midsize Suv / 4 Door Truck

$600 - $750


Van / Large Suv

$750 - $850

This Service Offers

  • Clean wheels, tires, and fenders with a variety of brushes to reach all areas.

  • Thorough hand wash vehicle including cleaning the door jambs, gas cap, and removing bugs off the front end

  • Chemically remove iron particles from your paint to prevent corrosive compounds that deteriorate your paint.

  • Clay bar your paint to remove remaining embedded dirt and debris (your paint will feel really smooth).

  • Tape off sensitive sections like the plastic trim to decrease the chance of polish buildup or staining.

  • The polish phase: Increase shine and clarity by polishing and removing the minor to medium imperfections in the paint.

  • Wipe down vehicle with polish remover to inspect the paint and its true condition.

  • Apply protection to the paint for added shine and protection (traditional wax/sealant or ceramic coating)

  • Dress tires to make them shine (they’ll be dry to the touch).

  • Clean exterior glass and windows to give you crystal clear vision.

  • Touch up any detailed areas like the emblem, exhaust, grille, etc…

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