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At Sonny’s Mobile Detailing, we provide top-notch car detailing services directly to you. With our online booking system, you can choose the service that meets your needs, whether that’s a quick premium wash or full detailing. Give us a call or book through our website, and we’ll take care of the rest, bringing our expertise and professional-grade equipment right to your doorstep.

Mold Removal

Moisture is the Enemy

Have you had a wet or damp smell that's lingering and you're not sure where the problem is. There may be mold spores present so with our mold decontamination service that's a job we can handle. This is common for those vehicle owners that have not used a car all year long and one that has sat idle through all the season and weather conditions.

How you know you have Mold.

Mold Can usually be seen or smelled

Prior to receiving a mold decontamination, be sure to eliminate the issue of excessive moisture which is usually detected through the vehicle that have a sun roof or old cracked rubber seals.


This Service offers

Dog Hair: Starting @ $50 the severity determines the final cost.

  • thorough vacuum of all carpeting , seats, vents etc

  • apply disinfectant solution to all areas affected

  • wipe down all surfaces with dedicated towels 

  • sanitize the full interior with steam 

  • shampoo carpets 

  • hot water extract all carpeting and cloth material

  • power dry interior

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