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Standard Interior Detail

MAking A difference one interior at a time Interior

   Our Standard Interior Detail service is meant to get your interior back to the best condition possible. Your seats, floor mats, dashboard, door panels, carpet, etc.. will all be thoroughly cleaned, detailed, and shampooedIf it can be cleaned, we’ll clean it. Depending on the type of stain it would be a task. Not every stain is removable depending on how long the  stains has been presence. We do our best and will make it look significantly better.
We have the necessary tools and products to handle most situations. 
If you’re looking for more of a maintenance upkeep service for your interior, and not a deep cleaning, then our Mini Interior Detail might be better suited for you.

trunk car shampoo
middle seat shampoo


2 Seater/ Single Cab/ Sedan

$100 - $160


Midsize Suv / 4 Door Truck

$165 - $180


Dually / Van / 2 Row SUV

$190 - $200

This is what you get
  • Remove all loose items

  • Thorough Vacuum

  • Clean Door Jams, Door Panels

  • Shampoo Seats , Carpets, Floor Mats

  • Clean & detail Plastics and Leather Surfaces

  • Clean interior Glass

  • Final Touch UPs

Dog Hair: Starting @ $50 the severity determines the final cost.

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